FAQs & Requirements
Rex & Roxy’s will gladly give you the answers…

But first, check out some frequently asked questions below. Still don’t see your question here? Call us or send an email. Our human friends will be happy to answer any question you’ve got.

Q: Rex & Roxy's used to be only for medium and large dogs. Is that still the case or can I bring my small dog to play as well?

Rex: Great question! Our smaller friends love to play too so we have created a second play group just for small dogs (<35 lbs)! The small dog play group is fully supervised and has the same indoor/outdoor spaces that we big dogs have. So small dogs can come and play rain or shine!

Q: Can I take a tour of Rex & Roxy’s Adventures in Doggie Playcare?

Roxy: Of course! The only way your pet will be happy in any doggie daycare environment is if you’re comfortable with where you’re taking him. At Rex & Roxy’s, we understand that our pets are our family. Finding a canine caregiver you trust is important for both you and your pet’s peace of mind. We encourage you to come tour our facility and meet our staff to experience adventures in doggie playcare firsthand. Click here for directions. Please call to schedule your tour today! 404-377-9699. Tours are usually given between the hours of 3 – 5 pm.

Q: How does my dog get started?

Rex: Before your dog joins in the fun, she must be up-to-date on all her vaccinations. All dogs must also be spayed or neutered. In addition, each dog will be “temperament tested.” Each temperament test costs $25 per dog and a minimum of 5 hours is required; please speak with a manager for details. This test involves a staff member monitoring your dog interact with several other playmates. Staff members want to see a dog that enjoys social contact with other animals. Aggressive dogs cannot be accepted into playcare.

Q: What will my dog do at doggie daycare?

Roxy: When your dog arrives at Rex & Roxy’s, she is given a warm welcome by our human Canine Specialists. Next, your dog joins into a playgroup based upon her size and personality. For the rest of the day, you can count on your dog running, playing with her furry friends and receiving lots of pets and hugs from our staff. At the end of the day, your dog is ready for a restful evening at home with you. You don’t have to worry about entertaining or exercising your dog because she will be ready for bed!

Q: My Dog is Boarding, should we bring our own food? What about toys and chews? Are Beds ok?

Rex: Yes, most definitely bring your own food. We encourage this only because any change in diet will affect their stomach. If you decide to switch dog food make sure you do this 5 days prior to boarding and mix their old food with the new food for about 5 days. We do have house food available for $5/ day. It’s organic chicken and rice and available for $5/ day. TOYS: Please bring one toy if you want. CHEWS: Please no raw hides. Rex & Roxy’s will not give your dog any raw hide treats. We recommend and will give the following: Kongs, Nylabones, Antlers, Marrow Bones, Bully Sticks. BEDS: If you know your dog will not chew on his bed late at night – please bring a bed for him/her.

Q: Does Rex & Roxy’s have air conditioning and heat?

Roxy: You better believe it! All our facilities are climate controlled.

Q: Will you give my dog his/her medication? If so, what does this cost.

Rex: Absolutely we will give medication. Our prices for administering medication are on the Prices page.